Western & Industrial

This class is one marking period long.  We will cover United States history from 1865 till 1900.  The class is broken into three main areas:

  • Western Expansion, In this first area we cover the Transcontinental Railroad, Plains Indians, U.S. Calvary, Indian Wars, farmers/ settlers.
  • Industrialization Topics we will investigate in this area include birth of corporations, growth of business, the pivotal role Pennsylvania’s steal and railroads played in the growth of cities and our country
  • Immigration The last part of the marking period will be spent on the problems of immigration, the prejudices the new immigrants felt, actions both for and against immigrants of this time.


Assessment Some of the measurement devices that will be used during this course include test, quizzes, writing- both report and creative, reading activities and book activities.  Most activities we do are available on my webpage. 


Activities We will be completing a variety of learning activities during the marking period.  Several opportunities to improve writing skills by completing open ended, and document based questions in addition to R. A. F. T. and other writing practice.  We will also produce a timeline of events from the time era.  


Materials Students will need a pocket folder or a binder to keep the daily activities in.  Almost every day they will be producing some product.