Mrs. Jessica Hogan #hoganbio4life

*AAHS Grad Class of 1991.  Dickinson College Grad Class of 1995, B.S.Biology.  St. Francis University Grad 2002 Masters of Education. 
*I've been teaching for the Altoona Area School District since 1996.  I taught 11 years at the alternative program (first Stevens then Kimmel), then I taught at Keith for a year (then they closed it, wonder what I did, haha!) and have been at AAJHS ever since.  I teach 9th grade Academic & Core Academic Biology.  My classes participate in the national Trout in the Classroom Project, and raise brook trout from eggs to fingerlings and release them in the spring.  Please check out my webpage
*I've recently started advising 9th grade Student Council and we are working on lots of fun and worthwhile projects.