Math Counts

Advisor: Mr. Christopher Lloyd

All students in 7th and 8th grade, who love math and enjoy working on challenging math problems, are eligible for this organization. Students in this organization put their math skills to the test by working on challenging math problems. This helps them prepare for the local and state competitions they participate in. In order to practice and sharpen their math skills this organization meets weekly from September through February. The schedule is planned on a year-by-year basis to fit the convenience of the advisors.

The regional Math Counts competition is held in February at the Penn State Altoona Campus.
 MATHCOUNTS competitions are designed to be completed in approximately 3 hours. Each competition consists of 4 parts: the Sprint, Target, Team and Countdown Rounds. The Sprint Round has 30 questions, and students have 40 minutes to complete them. The Target Round consists of 8 questions, which are distributed to the students a pair at a time. Students have 6 minutes to complete each pair of problems. The Team Round (in teams of 4) has 10 problems for the team to work on together for 20 minutes. The top 25% of individuals, up to a maximum of 10, proceed to the Countdown Round, an oral round in which students compete head-to-head.