Advisors Mrs. Hogan (9th grade, room 207), Mrs. Bronson (8th grade, room 310), & Mrs. Anderson(7th grade, room 447)

This organization is open to anyone interested that are in good standings with their grades and behavior. Student council is responsible for running the school store, setting up events (such as dances), and setting up and tearing down for Harvest Day (a reward day that students who participated in the magazine sale are eligible to attend). They also act as liaisons between students and staff members to represent the requests of the student body.  Student Council represents AAJHS at various events throughout the year, such as 6th grade class tours or running charity events like the recent Book Blizzard.  

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, and Assistant Treasurer are chosen by an evaluation of a submitted essay describing why the person applying would be right for the position. A vote is also conducted to help determine who will be allotted the positions. These positions are only open to ninth grade student council members.

Student council partakes on a year end trip in which the destination is discussed with the group and decided based on interest from the active participants in student council and capability of reaching said destination.

In order to attend the year end trip, a member must be in good standings with the organization. To be considered in good standing, a member must have 75% of the total points that were possible to achieve. Points are awarded for participating in things that student council does such as working at the school store, attending meetings, and helping set up and clean up for various events. Also, the member is required to sell at least two magazines in the school's magazine fundraiser, or use the "fair share" program.