Student Assistance Intervention Team (SAIT)

Welcome to the Altoona Area Junior High School Student Assistance Team Intervention page.  This program, referred to as SAIT, is designed to identify obstacles which pose a barrier to a student’s success.  Some of the concerns may include substance abuse, stressful relationships at school or home, mental health issues including depression or thoughts of suicide.  Student Assistance is based upon state guidelines and each team member has been professionally trained in accordance with the state’s specifications.

Anyone can make a referral to SAIT, and it is important to note that all referrals are kept confidential.  Once a referral is made, the team contacts the student’s parents to let them know that there is a concern with their child and asks for permission to proceed.  At this point, we send home a parent permission form for a parent’s signature.  We also provide a parental observation form for the parent to note any concerns they may have for their child.  During this period, we collect data from teachers to provide a complete picture of the child’s progress.  Once we have data and a signed permission, the team determines the best course of action for the child.  This may include, but is not limited to, a support group or one-on-one counseling during the day with a counselor from a local mental health provider.

The SAIT team welcomes parental involvement and will only proceed with written permission.  It is the goal of the team to work with the parent to provide support and to assist in removing obstacles that interfere with the child’s success. 
Please contact your child’s school counselor if you have any questions or are interested in making a referral.
7th Grade Guidance
8th Grade Guidance 9th Grade Guidance
Mrs. Starr
(Students with Last Names A-K)
1st Floor - C461
Phone: (814) 381-7560
Mrs. Holton
(Students with Last Names A-K)
1st Floor - C161
Phone: (814) 381-7557
Mrs. Stroh
(Students with Last Names A-K)
1st Floor - C158
Phone: (814) 381-7558
Mr. Connell
(Students with Last Names L-Z)
4th Floor - C434
Phone: (814) 381-7544
Mrs. Loucks 
(Students with Last Names L-Z)
3rd Floor - C332
Phone: (814) 381-7534
Mr. Luciano
(Students with Last Names L-Z)
2nd Floor - C235
Phone: (814) 381-7524