· A 3-inch binder – This will be the ONE place where students will keep all notes, handouts, tests, worksheets, etc. for all of their classes. This will take the place of any other notebooks. Please, to help in the organization process, do not buy several notebooks for your son/daughter. Instead, this ONE, large binder will be most effective. And as an advanced organizer, you (as the parent/guardian) should see this binder coming home every night, as it will be needed to complete any homework assignments.




· Multi-colored folders to place in the binder. These will serve as subject dividers within the binder. Please use the following color chart when purchasing such folders. Also, make sure that the folders are 3-hole-punched and have pockets. Note: you may purchase loose-leaf paper if you choose to, but this is not necessary. Teachers will have this available in their classrooms.




Red – math Blue – reading



Yellow – English Green – geography



Black – science Orange – heath & physical education



Purple – family consumer science & information processing


· Pencils – Students will be required to have a pencil in every core class, every single day. No exceptions! Students who come to class unable to participate because they did not bring a pencil will receive detention. Vinyl pencil holders with 3-holes punched in them, which are intended to be put in a 3-ring binder, are sold in most stores. These would be a great item to purchase so students will always have something to write with. They could also keep their agenda (hall pass and homework notebook), their student ID, Lion Loot (reward coupons that can be used in school), and lunch money in.




– though this is not required, it would be helpful to purchase a Texas Instrument TI-30XIIS calculator to be utilized for homework; this model is provided in class for students, but cannot be taken home as there is only one class set for students to share. (cost is approximately $15)