Tips for Parents

Homework Requests

When a child is absent (3 days or more) for an illness, parents are advised to contact the Counseling Office at 381-7561 as soon as possible. That office will send out a request for assignments from your child’s teachers. Teachers need 24 hours to gather the necessary materials. Once your child’s work is ready, you can come into the first floor Counseling Office to pick up work.

For family trips, parents must obtain a “school trip” form in their child’s attendance office, and it must be approved by the principal. Students are responsible for obtaining pending work from their teach-ers before their trip. Parents can also check ProgressBook for posted assignments. Upon their return, students must make up all tests/quizzes, along with turning in all assignments.

Study Skills

Some students have difficulty with this area. Below are some tips on some good strategies for tackling this issue. Our office also has student-friendly brochures on this topic.

1. Find a quiet place to study.

2. Eliminate/minimize distractions.

3. Have all materials ready. This includes agenda, text, notes, pens/pencils and paper.

4. Study daily. Even if a student doesn’t have homework, it is helpful to look over materials.

5. Take small breaks and grab a snack.

Using an agenda is crucial to keeping your child organized and aware of what needs done on a daily basis.

To find out more about how your child learns best, have him/her complete the interactive learning styles quiz on the web: This website has great information for parents and students on learning, study skills, career information, and much more!

Tips for Parents

Make agenda use a priority at home, and check daily.

Monitor homework completion. Homework is worth valuable percentage points!

Use Skyward weekly to check your child’s progress.

Attend conferences. Parent-teacher communication is very important in your child’s school success.

Get to know your child’s friends and their parents.

Set limits for your child and stick to them (someday your child will thank you!)

Hang in there! Junior high-aged children are full of challenges, but your efforts now will pay off later on!