Welcome to Aevidum! 


Aevidum is a national mental health movement which challenges students to use their talents to become community and school advocates for themselves and their friends. Our mission is to create a community of leaders who care about the well being of fellow students; where students feel safe, value others, and know they are never alone. Our motto is, “We’ve Got your Back!”



AAJHS Advisors:  Mrs. Palfey, Mrs. Starr, Mrs. Stroh,  Mrs. Holton, Mrs. Barry-Kyle




  1.          You are expected to be a role model in our school, on social media, and the community.
  2.          You are expected to be kind to others.
  3.          Good attendance, good grades, and good behavior is also expected of you.


Removal from Club:


  1.          Receiving a Saturday detention, an in school, or out of school suspension
  2.          Missing more than 5 days of school or being tardy 5 times in a marking         period
  3.          Failing more than one class in a marking period



Meetings will take place once a month at AAJHS in Room 272. Announcements will be made about the meeting dates.